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Where the paperless office is not yet 100% complete, you will occasionally need a printout of the adding tape for filing or stapling. Descalc can now also be printed on receipt printers. This saves a lot of paper compared to laser printing.

Adding machine with receipt printer

Carry out interim invoices..


Version 8.21

Now you can run a tape and then go back and insert blank lines beneath or above figures, and comment in the text areas. That gives you the possibility to explain the figures in more detail.

Adding machine with comments
Adding machine with comments

Option 1 - Windows Keyboard Shortcut

Show/Hide Desktop CalculatorThis is especially useful if you permanently switch between your applications and DeskCalc. You can choose the shortcut from a list in the settings window.

DeskCalc has four calculator modes.

  • Adding machine ( Commercial Desktop calculator )
  • Windows  Calcuator
  • Expression Calculator 
  • Windows Adding Machine

DeskCalc takes into consideration the different computing ways of conventional devices and thereby can be immediately used by all users without a reorientation

Calculator modes

For the fast keyboard-supported change-over a context menu can be opened by selecting with (<).

Version 8.0.4 

The main concern for version 8 was Windows 10 compatibility, the usability and user interface, only some new functions have been added.

User interface: 

windows tape calc 

Is it possible to push an unattended install of DeskCalc to end-users that includes entering the correct name and code?

Yes it is, you may create a batch file like:


networkshare\\deskcalc_uk.exe /NCRC /S /D=C:\Program Files\deskcalc
copy networkshare\\static.ini c:\program files\deskcalc

where /S   ..silent
         /D   ..destination
         /NCRC..no crc check

and static.ini is from an installation with a correct license code