Version 9.0.4 (Jan 17, 2021)

Bugfix: Amortization schedule - function updated

Version 9.0.3 (Jan 10, 2021)

Bugfix: Excel Export local decimals and separators

Bugfix: Keyboard shortcut translation texts

Version 9.0.2 (Jan 3rd, 2021)

Bugfix: Translations

New: Shortcut for Docking on/off is CTRL+D

New: Select a voice from the available voices installed for the speech output

Version 9.0.1 (May 24, 2020)

Bugfix: Supports now calculations up to 1000 operations.

Version 9.0 (May 1st, 2020)

Version 8 was released in 2016, in the last 4 years 42 updates with feature enhancements and bug fixes were released. Now version 9 is released and will continue this tradition, regular continuous feature enhancements and thus the renunciation of large annual updates.

Version 9 therefore does not offer a lot of new features but some smaller useful changes. New features will be added little by little, as we have always done since 2001.


- Keypad location

Tape calculator keypad location

Tape calculator keypad location - touchscreen

- Use arrow keys to get to previous elements in the tape -> then press the enter key  to copy the tape-value to the input field

- The date on the graphic export follows the system setting

- Shortcut Show/Hide Keypad CTRL+Y and CTRL+Minus

- Optimized print dialog

Adding machine print dialog

- Statistics, Shortcut = L

- Help link to website added

- Ribbon icons optimized

- Sysinfo with more logging information

- Tape drawing optimized

- Some minor bugfixes

Version 8.3.8  (19.10.2018)

- Keyboard calculator key does start/show Deskcalc, if option is preselected

Version 8.3.6  (07.09.2018)

- Larger buttons for the full-screen mode
- Wizard functions fix for Windows 10
- Pacific currency rates fix
- Offscreen bugfix
- Docking now working on multi screen systems

Version 8.3.3  (24.03.2018)

- Two new docking modes:
  + Top
  + Bottom 

Version 8.3.2  (06.02.2018)

- Printer: Pos Printer Mode 

Windows Adding Machine with POS Printer
Pos Printer for Windows

Version 8.3.1  (02.02.2018)

- Printer: Choose time or date
- Printer: Endless paper mode
- Printer: US date format MM/DD/YYYY
- Printer: 12h time format
- AM: 0 commas does no longer disable AM mode
- Currency: pacfic region currency converter source bugfix

Version 8.2.2 -> 8.2.8  (12.01.2018)

- Some minor bugfixes 

Version 8.2.1  (26.01.2017)

- Add comments to the tape 

Windows adding machine with tape


Version 8.1.10 (12.01.2017)

- Time calculator reenabled  --> Functions\time calculator

Version 8.1.9 (Jan 2017)

- VirtualDirectory fix for Terminal Servers

Version 8.18 (28.11.2016)

- Ctrl+C - Copy to clipboard - Bugfix

Version 8.17 (31.10.2016)

- US/UK Keyboards generate a division instead of subtotal with #

Version 8.16 (26.10.2016)

- floating point / AM problem

- Currency download - Bugfix

Version 8.13   (25.08.2016)

- F3/F4 Fix for pocket calculator / windows calculator mode

Version 8.12   (17.08.2016)

- Korean language

- pocket calculator / windows calculator mode: calculation can be continued after result has been deleted

- Windows 7/10 Virtual-Directory Bugfix

Version 8.10   (17.05.2016)

- Subtotal Bugfix 

Version 8.09   (05.05.2016)

- M1 und M2 for memory calculator - use two memory stacks in parallel

Version 8.08   (02.04.2016)

- Spanish language

- Show currency tab at all times

Version 8.07   (23.02.2016)

- Enable/Disable warning/information messages

Version 8.0.4 

The main concern for version 8 was Windows 10 compatibility, the usability and user interface, only some new functions have been added.

User interface: 

windows tape calc 

Currency Calculator:

windows calculator currency

 Memory Calculator:

windows calculator with memory

New shortcuts:


tape adding calculator


 Free version:


free tape calculator 


Version 7.1.1 

+ Postit: 
- Choose your background and font color
- Show/hide date and time
- Export as metafile or bitmap

+Show/Hide currency sign in the total result

Version 7.0.8 

We frequently release new minor versions with new features and bugfixes. 
That implies, that we don't wait for major versions do add new features 
-> major version don't necessary have a lot of new features at all.

But we happy to introduce v7 with some nice new features 
- Office 2013 GUI 
- Windows 8/8.1 support 
- Better 64bit support 
- Unit converter with temperature convertions 
- Enhanced tape graphic export (PostIt) feature
- Minimzed DeskCalc window option 
- PopUp window update 
- Improved icons 
- Some new keyboard shortcuts -> press Ctrl+F1 to check them out 
- Select your own color for the input edit field, when DeskCalc is the active window - Bugfixes

Office 2013 GUI

Tape Calculator Office 2013


Unit converter with temperature convertions

Unit converer


Enhanced tape graphic export (PostIt) feature

Postit Calculator PDF attachment
add your calculations to PDF files or any other document managment system with ease 

Minimzed DeskCalc window option

Small calculator for windows 

when ever you need more screen space, just minimze Deskcalc and restore it's previous size when you are done

Optimized PopUp window

PopUp calculator 


Version 6.0.24

Update: Hungarian language

Update: Improved numbers readback speed 

For bookkeepers who desperately need each key press to be audibly repeated promptly with little or no delay,  regardless or whether its a number or operator, select the  following options for the audio read back:

 calculator with number readback

Activate speed: read back of expressions and operations ( set to no for no delay )

Numbers with speed: read back of every single keystroke

Speech speed: a number from 1 to 10, the higher the number the faster the readback 


Version 6.0.23 ( April 2nd, 2013)

Bugfix: Deskcalc settings save issues with some Windows8 and Windows7 installations

New: Print checkstrip (tape) without showing the printer settings dialog 

direct print

New: The printer settings remembers the last selected printer. That enables the direct print function.

direct print


Version 6.0.20 (January 6, 2013)


+ Serbian language
+ The "send checkstrip by email" function remembers sendTo email adress and subject
+ DeskCalc now supports Bank of Canada exchange rates as an alternative to the currently used European Central Bank rates. 
   Here is how you can select your prefered exchange rates source:

1) Click the currency converter properties:

 Bank of Canada - Currency Converter


2) Choose the exchange rates source: 

Bank of Canada - Currency Converter 

3) Choose the exchange rates daily rate - the last 5 days are available for BoC: 

Bank of Canada - Currency Converter


Version 6.0.17 (August 3, 2012)


- Small calculator window for Windows with large system fonts, or with low desktop resolution

Small Desktop Calculator for Windows 

- Choose whatever color you like to see, if DeskCalc loses the keyboard input focus 

Calculator always on top 


Version 6.0.16 (July 22, 2012)


1) Ever larger screen resolutions make it necessary to have larger text in the calculation tape.  

change font size 

2) Kroation language updated for DeskCalc 6


Version 6.0.15 (March 28, 2012)

Table row hight to small for some systems, the text was not displayed properly

Version 6.0.14 (March 8, 2012)

+ Save checkstrip as bitmap file

+ Sales tax with up to 4 decimal places

+ Slovenian Language


Version 6.0.10 ( December 12, 2011 ) 

New tape edit ribbon tab

In previous DeskCalc versions all kind of tape settings like:

 - line numbers
 - memorized text
 - align text
 - tape settings
 - add/remove lines

had been hidden in various setting dialogs. But if you click the tape now, all these
settings are available at the same time.

tape calculator settings 


Docking DeskCalc to screen borders

A nice new feature in Deskcalc 6 is the docking function. But what is docking:

What are appbars (application desktop toolbars)? An appbar (application desktop toolbar) is a window similar to the Quick Launch bar, the Language Bar or the Windows Taskbar. It is anchored/docked to an edge of the screen, and it typically provides the user with quick access to various things like program shortcuts, favorite files, folders or URLs, information such as the local weather or sports news, or commonly used programs such as a clock, stopwatch or yourcalculator. Appbars are allocated their own area on the screen and the system prevents other applications from using that area. 

Using this Windows functionality DeskCalc is always visible and doesn't use space occupied by other applications on the desktop.

Choose the screen border for docking:

Always on top calculator 

Enable docking:

Enable Calculator Docking

Fullscreen calculator mode

In earlier Desk versions it wasn't possible to to adjust the width of the dialog. 
That has been changed now because DeskCalc is used as calculator on touch screen
by some costumers. They use and start it in fullscreen mode with the /FS command line flag.

deskcalc.exe /FS .... starts DeskCalc in Fullscreenmode
deskcalc.exe /hide .... starts DeskCalc hidden

touchscreen calculator
Calculator keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can highly improve your user experience. Press CTRL + F1 to check out all
shortcuts. Version 6 enables you now to print the shortcuts.


Keypad location - new touch screen mode

We added two new keypad positions, just click the right mouse button within the keypad area


  1. Select position

    10 key calculator pad
  2. Free floatable

    10key calculator
  3. Large buttons on the right for touch screen usage or high desktop resolutions

    10key touch screen calculator


Add your memory calculation to the tape/checkstrip

If you add some figues to your memory

memory calculator

and like them to be shown in the tape as an own calculation, you only have to

press the the "Paste to tape" button

memory calculator

 and you'll get a new calculation in your tape

 memory calculation adding machine

Enhanced print dialog

Version 6 comes with an improved printing dialog

printig desktop calculator 

3 new options mak printing tapes and calculations even more convinent. 

  • print all: prints all calculations in your selected tape
  • print last: prints the last calculation from tape
  • print marked lines: does what it says, it prints the selected lines in your tape
The good thing about it is, that it remembers your last selection when you re-enter the printing dialog.

Office 2010 Calculator

Version 6 introduces a clean and simple new interface with Office 2010 look and feel.

 Office 2010 Calculator

Memory calculator 

Office 2010 Memory Calculator

currency calculator with daily rate update 

Office 2010 currency converter 







Version 5.2.9 (July 24, 2011)

Bugfix: Grand Total Rounding
Bugfix: Time Calculator Rounding
Bugfix: Keypad below/above the tape -> right mouseclick in the keypad
Bugfix: Grouping decimals in expression calculator
Bugfix: Expression calculator now allows decimal figures without a leading 0 i.e .23+4.56
Update: Hungarian language
Update: Keypad: problems with 125% and 150% large fonts
Update: Keypad: rearranged buttons

Version 5.2.10 (July 30, 2011)

Update: Hungarian language
New:     11 new business and finance calculations

 financial tape calculator


  1. interest rates calculator

    Interest calculation

We will show you all the new calculators in the next weeks in our blog. 


Version 5.2.9 (July 24, 2011)

Bugfix: Tooltips for buttons
New:    NUMLOCK key as start key for DeskCalc
New:   "N" key as shortcut for a new tab
Bugfix: Problems with Trend Micro firewall
Bugfix: Windows 7 access rights


Version 5.2.7 (May 13, 2011)

Update: Warning it write access problems with deskcalc4.ini -> the file where all the settings are stored
Update: Uninstall removes all DeskCalc registry entries
Bugfix:  Decimal points display in the lower status bar hasn't been updated when changed by keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+3

New: Constants calculation

Constants calculations tape calculator

How does it work? Have a look at the above screenshot and imagine you like to multiply some numbers
with the same multiplier, lets say 2. You start with 2*2=
Now DeskCalc remembers this multiplyer and uses it next time you need it. Any time you enter a number
and press ENTER will result in a multiplication with 2. Have a look at the second calculation to
see how it works. 

The same works for divisions and percentage calculations. The last operation overrides the last constant and
becomes the new constant. Here are some more examples:

 Input        Output
 2 * 2 =       4
 8=            16
 3=              6
 8 / 2 =       4
 16=           8

Version 5.2.6 (April 26th, 2011) 


New: Proxy settings for currency updates

Update: All DeskCalc settings now stored in deskcalc4.ini per user only -> terminal server requirement

Update: License activation removed

Bugfix: Error 5 message by using the DeskCalc update search feature

Bugfix: Uninstall: DeskCalc desktop icon 

Bugfix: "Copy selected items to new tape"


Version 5.2.0 (February 23th, 2011) 

Update: Copy and Paste from Excel, even if it includes currency symbols

Excel Export with currency

New: Copy selected values in to a new tape

Copy values to new tape


Version 5.1.9 (February 1st, 2010) 

New:  Red statusbar text, if Deskcalc is not the active window

New: Negative values are shown red in the result field

Active Window + Negative results

Bugfix: Message during setup for version 4 users

Bugfix: Toolbar - Texts for certain languages

Update: It is possible to transfer the tape title with the graphic image to the clipboard


Version 5.1.8 (7th January 2011) 

Bugfix: Activation problems with users that had no write access to the installation folder

Bugfix: Option printing the tape name as an additional not

New: Printer: print Windows username 

Voice output

New: Printer: option to print/do not print header 

Voice output 


Version 5.1.7 (19th December 2009)

New: Dutch language

Bugfix: Send tape as mail

Update: Horizontal scroller after applications start sometimes was not aligned.


Version 5.1.2 (18th October 2009)

New: Voice output

Update: Remembers the toolbar icons

Update: Currency Converter

Update: Activation dialog

some smaller Bugfixes

 Voice output

Version 5.0.26 (25th August 2009)

French language update

Croatian language update

Bugfix: tape scrollbar horizontal alignment

Update: Show buttons now makes sure, that DeskCalc doesn't grow beyond the bottom screen border


Version 5.0.25 (9th August 2009)

Problem of some users that the calculator doesn't show up after registration

Large font support (120dpi)

Remembers the ribbon toolbar hide option

smaller bugfixes

Version 5.0.24 (23th July 2009)

Gross margin calculation bugfix

Activation window translation

Setup for one user, all users

smaller bugfixes

Version 5.0.22

Office 2007 interface

Time calculation in the checkstrip

Unit 1000+ converter 

Checkstrip with running position counter in the checkstrip

Currency converter in the Office 2007 toolbar

Currency rates date shown in the text column of the checkstrip 

Small popup window with the actual result and other information always ontop of all windows

Improved Excel Export

Improved PostIt Export 

Improved printing ( free adjustable page size etc. )

With/Without keypad

Grand total and average value

Software as a service licensing

Many other small enhancements