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Postit Our costumers had the requirement to store and archive calculations with a time stamp. In earlier days they copied their checkstrips and appended them to their documents. In a paperless office, or an office with a document management system, this is not a very convenient way.

While there are many options to export data from DeskCalc, the "PostIt" feature is the most easiest of all. It does copy the checkstrip as a "metagraphic" to the clipboard. A meta-graphic has the benefit, that it can be resized without the loss of details, it's a so called vector graphic format. Costumers to append such "PostIt's" to their PDF-files, WORD-files, document management files etc.

These "PostIt's" include date&time as well as the document name and you are able to give them any background color you like.

Tape export

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