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adding machine out of wood Today I found some really strange adding machines that I want to share with you. Lets start with a marbe adding machine... you can even buy one for only US$250, worth more than 10 DeskCalc licenses :)

This one is by far the largest calculator you will ever see.

Are you ready to switch on to water-powered calculators? I am not joking. It's a fact. The research has been completed and water-run calculators will soon be ruling the roost here. But, how? It is certainly amazing that the calculators and other electric devices that you have been so far keeping away from water will actually run on it. Just have a look yourself.

Recreating the First Microprocessor-Based Calculator, have a look how it looked like and how Intel made a fortune out of it.

And here is a proto-steambunk calculator from the early 1900s, manufactured by Pallweber & Bordt in Mannheim, Germany.

Think of all these tiping machine 20 years ago, they have all been replaced with word processing software. We will see, if desktop calculators will have the same destiny.