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You can use DeskCalc's memory to:

  • store an almost unlimited number of individual numbers.
  • accumulate a total of several numbers.
  • hold a list of numbers that are the results of (1) separate calculations or (2) the same calculation repeated several times using different numbers each time.

 Memory calculations - tape calculator


You can store a number from any visible tape in memory.  Once you have one or more numbers stored in memory, you can recall any individual stored number, or the total of all stored numbers, into an entry cell on the visible tape.

When you store a number in memory, you either add it to, or subtract it from, the memory total.

To store a number in memory:

(1)  Press M+ or F5 to add the actual calculation result to the memory.
(2)  Press M - or F6 to subtract the actual calculation result from the memory.

Each time you store a number in memory, DeskCalc

(1)  places the number into the entries column on the memory ribbon listbox, and
(2)  recalculates the memory total.
(3)  shows the memory in the header of the DeskCalc dialog

windows calculator with memory

To use the memory total

Use the "Memory M" button or F7 key to copy the memory total into the entry field. You may than use it for your calculations. "Memory MC" does erase all memory entries from the memory list and clears the total memory as well.

To use the indivitual memory additions

Every time you select a memory entry from the memory list, it will be copied to the entry field.

Record memory calculations on the tape

Tape calculator with unlimited memory

If you choose the "Show Memory Calculations on Tape" option, all your M+ / M- / M usage will be printed on the tape.