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The Percent Key

The% key has two functions:
Finding a Percentage. In most cases, % divides a number by 100.
The one exception is when a plus or minus sign precedes the number.
(See Adding or Subtracting a Percentage,¬Ě below.)

For instance, 25 % results in 0.25.
To find 25% of 200, press: 200 * 25 % =. (Result is 50.)

Adding or Subtracting a Percentage. You can do this all in one

For instance, to decrease 200 by 25%, just enter 200 - 25 % =.
(Result is 150.)

Example: Calculating Simple Interest. You borrow $1,250 from a
relative, and agree to repay the loan in a year with 7% simple interest.
How much money will you owe?

Keys: Display: Description:
1250 + 7 %  Interest on the loan is $87.50.
= 1,337.50 You must repay this amount at the end of one year.

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