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There are times where you like to install DeskCalc on a network-drive and give all your users the same predefined settings. This tutorial shows you, how to do that.


Where are the settings stored?

All the application settings are stored to a file called DeskCalc4.ini - this file is usually located in the users documents folder\deskcalc
but alternatively changed to the working directory.

How can I change settings storage location?

The file static.ini in the working directory has the setting:
set it to 1, if you like to store deskcalc4.ini in the working directory
set it to 0, if you like to store deskcalc4.ini in users document folder

How can I set certain applications settings permanently, so that users can't change these settings?

If you copy settings from deskcalc4.ini to static.ini, these settings
become permanent and can't be changed by the users. Here is an

You like to set certain printer settings for all of your users, lets
say, print the date, print lines and don't use the default printer.
Best would be to set these settings in DeskCalc and copy the relevant
lines from deskcalc4.ini to static.ini. This is how it would look


How to I add DeskCalc to the windows start folder +  a link at the desktop to my network installation:

Just execute the program  "ws-setup.exe" at the users PC, this will
add a link to the desktop and a Deskcalc folder in windows start folder.