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Today I like to share some thoughts of other DeskCalc users with you. First of all, because it makes us feel good :) It seems like we are doing the right thing. We always wanted DeskCalc to be as smart and easy to use, as an conventional adding machine for users who, for many different reasons, wanted an adding machine for their PC. Actually that's us as well, that is the reason why this calculator was created. Thanks for your comments, wishes and complaints as they are always welcome.

David wrote:

"Finally I would like to highly recommend your product. It is exceptional, easy to use and has great functionality. I have tried many calculators on the WEB and this little piece of software is exceptional and cannot be beaten. Congratulations and well done guys...."
J.Schulman wrote:
"I have been using the Moffsoft Calculator for some time in my real estate business and it performed basic functions in a satisfactory manner. But when I used the advanced features in DeskCalc 5 (especially the currency conversion and rate updates) there was simply no comparison."
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J.Mila wrote:
"I've been using Judy's Tenkey 4.2 (and earlier versions) for nearly 10 years. I've never been entirely happy with it, but I've never found anything better in all those years until I tried Deskcalc.  I love the visual clues, the ease of using the clipboard to copy numbers into as well as out of the calculator, the ability to add text, and especially the ability to run multiple tapes simultaneously."