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Texts - Adding Machine

The text-field is a column within the tape (not in the formula mode). To each individual computation position a describing text can be added.  The fast detection of corresponding texts can be done with [ F2]-Key activated in the text registration mode, and that text is selected and closed with ENTER. Subsequently, the detection of the next value, results etc. takes place. 



The texts can also be selected after the input of the values "in a slide". Navigation takes place by means of the cursor keys. Contents of the text cells can be left or right-justified by the appropriate Buttons. The function is also available over the context menu in the text cells.




The constantly recurring texts can be recorded in the text administration (in the menu Options).

... Entries to be stored, those with switched on text fields (in the Options menu)... the text input can be selected from the keyboard

memorized texts


You then are able to select this memorized text in the text field.

Adding machine texts