Have a look at all the features

We frequently release new minor versions with new features and bugfixes.
That implies, that we don't wait for major versions do add new features
-> major version don't necessary have a lot of new features at all.

But we happy to introduce v7 with some nice new features
- Office 2013 GUI
- Windows 8/8.1 support
- Better 64bit support
- Unit converter with temperature convertions
- Enhanced tape graphic export (PostIt) feature
- Minimzed DeskCalc window option
- PopUp window update
- Improved icons
- Some new keyboard shortcuts -> press Ctrl+F1 to check them out
- Select your own color for the input edit field, when DeskCalc is the active window - Bugfixes

Office 2013 GUI

Tape Calculator Office 2013


Unit converter with temperature convertions

Unit converer


Enhanced tape graphic export (PostIt) feature

Postit Calculator PDF attachment
add your calculations to PDF files or any other document managment system with ease

Minimzed DeskCalc window option

Small calculator for windows

when ever you need more screen space, just minimze Deskcalc and restore it's previous size when you are done

Optimized PopUp window

PopUp calculator