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Some applications don't like pasting metafiles from the clipboard, one of them is FoxIt PDF. We added bitmap export for the PostIt function and show you how to use it as a workaround for tapes and FoxIt PDF.

Choose "Bitmap" as graphic format: 

Stick note FoxIt PDF 

Export to PDF

Copies the tape to the clipboard

Create a image stamp from the clipboard:

Postit PDF Desktop Calculator 

Sticky Notes are probably the most common method used to add notes and comments to PDF documents. To add a Sticky Note, simply click at the "PostIt/Sticky notes icon". A sticky note with the calculation tape will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it to your documents easily.

Version 7.1.0 now allows to choose the text and background-color of your sticky note. 

Stick it tape calculator

Add a currency sign to the total result:
currency sign adding machine 
currency sign adding machine for windows 

We frequently release new minor versions with new features and bugfixes.
That implies, that we don't wait for major versions do add new features
-> major version don't necessary have a lot of new features at all.

But we happy to introduce v7 with some nice new features
- Office 2013 GUI
- Windows 8/8.1 support
- Better 64bit support
- Unit converter with temperature convertions
- Enhanced tape graphic export (PostIt) feature
- Minimzed DeskCalc window option
- PopUp window update
- Improved icons
- Some new keyboard shortcuts -> press Ctrl+F1 to check them out
- Select your own color for the input edit field, when DeskCalc is the active window - Bugfixes

DeskCalc /hide     ...... starts DeskCalc hidden
DeskCalc /fs       ...... starts Deskcalc full screen
DeskCalc kill      ...... does terminate a running DeskCalc session
DeskCalc /neu      ...... does open a new tape in a running DeskCalc session

DeskCalc features a history tape that not only saves each calculated result, but the expression you used to get there as well. Send old values or expressions in your history back to the calculator for more number crunching or email them as plain text and vector graphic file for your document managment system.

send calculator tape by email

Version 6.0.24

Update: Hungarian language

Update: Improved numbers readback speed 

For bookkeepers who desperately need each key press to be audibly repeated promptly with little or no delay,  regardless or whether its a number or operator, select the  following options for the audio read back:

 calculator with number readback

Activate speed: read back of expressions and operations ( set to no for no delay )

Numbers with speed: read back of every single keystroke

Speech speed: a number from 1 to 10, the higher the number the faster the readback