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decimal places windows adding machine

The lower toolbar includes some very important general settings including the decimal places. But lets start from left to right:

An advantage over traditional calculators is, that you can edit, change calculations on the fly. More or less as you would do it with Excel, but with the same ease that you know from your traditional calculator.

  • Insert, delete, change numbers and/or arithmetic operators anywhere on a tape.
  • Cut, copy, paste individual tape lines, sections of a tape, or an entire tape.
  • Import/export columns of numbers from/to other programs via the clipboard.
  • Sort the numbers on a tape.
  • Open and work with more than one file at a time.
  • Use up to 10 tapes per file to organize, and work simultaneously with, several separate but related calculations.


Printing Desktop Calculator for Windows  Today I am gonna introduce the printing options of DeskCalc. This is the summary of all  requests  concerning printing of thousands of users working with this software tape calculator on a daily basis. Feel free to contact us, if you still miss something...


adding machine out of wood Today I found some really strange adding machines that I want to share with you. Lets start with a marbe adding machine... you can even buy one for only US$250, worth more than 10 DeskCalc licenses :)

Today I like to share some thoughts of other DeskCalc users with you. First of all, because it makes us feel good :) It seems like we are doing the right thing. We always wanted DeskCalc to be as smart and easy to use, as an conventional adding machine for users who, for many different reasons, wanted an adding machine for their PC. Actually that's us as well, that is the reason why this calculator was created. Thanks for your comments, wishes and complaints as they are always welcome.

currency converter tape calculator DeskCalc includes a currency converter with 170 currencies updates on a daily basis. Not much to say about, how to use it, because it's really simple. Enter your numbers, do your calculations and at any time, start a currency convertion and add the result to your tape. If you need rates from last week or last year, press CTRL+W to start the enhanced currency calculator

Postit Our costumers had the requirement to store and archive calculations with a time stamp. In earlier days they copied their checkstrips and appended them to their documents. In a paperless office, or an office with a document management system, this is not a very convenient way.

While there are many options to export data from DeskCalc, the "PostIt" feature is the most easiest of all. It does copy the checkstrip as a "metagraphic" to the clipboard. A meta-graphic has the benefit, that it can be resized without the loss of details, it's a so called vector graphic format. Costumers to append such "PostIt's" to their PDF-files, WORD-files, document management files etc.

These "PostIt's" include date&time as well as the document name and you are able to give them any background color you like.

Tape export