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No ribbons, plain v4 style menusYou liked version 4 style menu's more than the new Office 2007 ribbons in version 5? I show you how to get back to version 4.

There are times where you like to install DeskCalc on a network-drive and give all your users the same predefined settings. This tutorial shows you, how to do that.

If you are running an office with dozens of DeskCalc installations and use the build in currency calculator and it's daily updates, you may limit Internet traffic etc. by using one central rates file only. DeskCalc does this for you. Enable automatic currency updates at one
workstation and specify the rates file at all the other workstation on your network.


Restore tapesIt all happens to us sometimes, that we unintentionaly delete a tape or forget to save it before we clean a checkstrip. You may undo that if you recognize it immediately after it happened. But what's with the calculations you created yesterday? DeskCalc stores all tapes for the last 7 days. Restore them with the "Restore Tape from File" function.

unit converter windows calculator Sometimes we all need to convert units from one base to another. DeskCalc Unit Conversion Calculator is a free addon with the purpose of serving people with their measurement conversion needs in a simple fashion. It is divided into many SI Unit Conversion categories for users to easily convert measurement units. You can start with a unit conversion category and understand how easy it is to do metric measurement conversions using our unit conversion tool.

At the moment DeskCalc is available in the following languages: German, Español, French, Korean, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian and Kroatian. Read more on how to change the language settings and how to translate DeskCalc to a new language.


You can use DeskCalc's memory to:

  • store an almost unlimited number of individual numbers.
  • accumulate a total of several numbers.
  • hold a list of numbers that are the results of (1) separate calculations or (2) the same calculation repeated several times using different numbers each time.

 Memory calculations - tape calculator